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Zeen GPL Theme | Newspaper Magazine News Blog WordPress GPL Theme + WooCommerce | Unique GPL

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  • 14/03/2022
Zeen GPL Theme | Newspaper Magazine News Blog WordPress GPL Theme + WooCommerce | Unique GPL

The future is here, and it's in the form of Zeen - a stylish WooCommerce WordPress theme for 2022. With its futuristic design elements combined with cutting-edge technology you'll be ready to take on any challenge that comes your way!

Zeen is a clean and modern WordPress theme that will help you create an engaging blog or magazine layout in minutes. The flexibility of this product makes it perfect for any type o niche, including travel related sites like hotels & restaurants; viral content such as funny videos on YouTube (you can even make your own!) food blogs about recipes from all over the world -whatever interests YOU!

With its cutting-edge technologies and deep design explorations, Zeen is the fastest WordPress theme ever made. The results speak for themselves; some demos score 100/100 on GT Metrix while others are in high 90s! It's also impressively flexible with intuitive customization options available to make your site just how you want it (perhaps even more than one way!).

The design is so simple and clean that even users who are not experienced designers will be able to create any layout they want without having code knowledge. It's perfect for pros or beginners alike, as it takes only minutes before you're creating professional-looking magazines from scratch!


Tipi Builder

The Tipi Builder App is a revolutionary new website building tool that allows you to create professional looking sites with ease. The app includes hundreds of pre-made templates, allowing users without any design experience or technical skills easy access into the world wide web marketing arena - all at their fingertips! With this innovative program one can easily edit colors schemes and layouts right on site which means no more editing files separately then trying figure out how exactly everything integrates later during integration time; now its done in real life as well


Zeen offers a variety of solutions for improving the monetization on your sites.

  • Patreon icons and links
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Ads can be placed practically anywhere. Including automatic insertion before/middle/end of post content.
  • Site Background Ad
  • Add stylish affiliate in your review
  • Slide In Promo Box
  • WooCommerce Quickview functionality
  • Add stylish affiliate in your info boxes
  • Advanced Newsletter Subscription integration
  • Newsletter Subscription appears when user tries to leave site
  • Advanced Shop functionality, integration and design
  • Beautiful Call To Action Blocks in the Tipi Builder
  • Beautiful Button Blocks in the Tipi Builder
Trending Functionality

Zeen takes the beauty and ease of using codetipi one step further with their stunning trending megamenus, which can be customized to show you only those articles that match your preferences. With a simple block in Tipi Builder they have enabled an incredible feature for all users-being able see what hot topics are happening right now no matter where they come from or how specific it is!


Zeen takes article layout to new heights, allowing you the flexibility and options of creating any type or style articles in an easy-to use interface. With stunning visual styles that can be changed on a per post basis along with text sizes for more traditional styling combinations - there's no limit when it comes down how creative your content will become!


Pages can be made more interesting by using Zeen's advanced featured image style and layout system. The most boring of text pages will come alive with the use this feature!

Fully Responsive and Retina Ready

Zeen offers a sleek and modern experience that will leave your visitors impressed. Our special design was carefully crafted to look great on any screen, whether they are using it via desktop computer or phone!

Sponsored Posts

With the new sponsored posts system, you can now add a professional and engaging layer to your site's monetization possibilities. You set the sponsor name/logo for this feature as well!

Background Takeover Ad Feature

Zeen helps you create a background image for your site and give it an easily memorable link. The Tipi Builder has transparent spacing blocks that allow the user to scroll down while still being able see what’s happening in their ad, making this tool perfect if one wants more visibility with less clutter on top of their webpage!

Light and dark mode

Reading Mode is a great new feature that allows visitors to change the background lighting of your website according their preferred lit setting. With one on/off option, you can add this button into every article for those who want better readability at night or day without having too much text up close in front where they would have trouble seeing it easily due its proximity from when we're sitting closer than usual while browsing online!

Infinite loading and scrolling

Zeen is the latest word in fast and sleek WordPress themes. It comes with some of fastest Ajax loading performance we've seen yet, making it truly unique!

Voice Search

Zeen is a cutting-edge theme designed to take your website into the future. With Voice Search, you can now provide answers for potential visitors who ask their smart device about any topic on X network - all from within our site!

Gutenberg Ready

With WordPress 5.0, the much anticipated Gutenberg editor is set to be released and it's companion site Zeen has been working perfectly with this new update! The team at Zeen adds styling on some of their default blocks so they can look better in comparison when used within Gutenburg.

WooCommerce Compatibility

Zeen is an excellent theme for any shop looking to make a lasting impression. It comes with beautiful styling and powerful extra functions like lightning-fast Quickview functionality, which ensures your customers get what they need in no time at all!

In addition it also includes easy customization options so you can customize every element of this site including colors schemes or adding text messages on product pages--allowing retailers more room than ever before while still maintaining that professional look

AMP Compatibility

With its sleek design and improved functionality, you'll be able to create AMP-ready pages in no time.

Zeen Child-Theme

Zeen’s first-time set up wizard will make it easy for you to install a fully functional child theme, even if customisation isn't in your plans or what exactly are they? The step by step guide makes installing the perfect one easier than ever before.

Browser Compatibility

Zeen's cutting-edge browser technology will bring you the best browsing experience with smooth animations, interactions and speed.

ZEEN is always up to date!


Zeen is a high-quality site that has been designed and coded with care. It passes the official W3 Validation Tool test, meaning it will not show any errors on search engines like Google when they visit your website in their ranking algorithms!


With an extensive amount of features and clean coding, Zeen is the perfect WordPress theme for those looking to reduce their plugins. If you notice any particular function or feature that isn't working as it should do in this free software without paying a penny - try using one our premium plug-ins instead!


With Zeen, you have complete control of your data. You can choose to opt-in or out as needed and we'll even help guide the way with a few extra options that might be required by law! For more information on how these work please reach out via ticket support right away - it's worth considering this before moving forward anyway so there aren't any surprises later down road when storing personal details online

The input does not store any kind off Personal Data but still comes equipped wit hLots Of Other Great Features too.

Migration Tool

Upgrading to Zeen is easy with the migration tool. It just takes a few clicks and you'll be able to continue posting on your old site in no time at all!

Migrating review, audio or gallery data will make it super simple for anyone who wants an updated style - even if they’re still using those themes from before (or if their designers didn't think about converting featured image styles). The best part? You don't need any technical skills because we've got this handled for ya; meaning less stress during such stressful times :)


The theme is RTL-ready, meaning that if your site is set to use a Right To Left language, the theme will automatically work in RTL, you don’t need to do anything.

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